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Saudi Arabia IT Infrastructure Transformation Specialists for 20+ Years
What We Do 
Edarat empowers public and private sector clients to actualize their business visions with a user-friendly approach. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we offer a comprehensive suite of services including migration, operation, disaster recovery, and backup of IT systems. All of this is provided within a secure, compliant, and sustainable cloud environment.
How We Do It 
We deliver both managed and unmanaged Cloud Services at competitive prices across a wide range of technologies. Our high-performance solutions cater to data management, protection, and scaling. Our Everything-as-a-Service model means we’re fully equipped to handle all your IT needs, enabling you to focus on your core business functions.
Facts & Figures
Unleash Your Business with EdaratCloud
Accelerated Time to the Cloud
Accelerated Transformation
to the Cloud
Better Data
Stronger Data
Agile, Scalable
and Reliable
Lower OPEX
Available On-Demand
24 x 7
Expert Support
99.9% Uptime
Since Started
Benefit From Multi Cloud Providers with EdaratCloud
Edarat Multi Cloud Platform

Enhanced Innovation Potential:
Leverage top-tier services from an array of leading cloud platforms at any given moment, including Microsoft Azure Stack, VMware, and IBM Cloud Satellite, fostering innovation in your organization.

Increased Flexibility:
Select cloud services from various platforms based on performance, security, and compliance requirements that best align with your business needs.

Avoidance of Vendor Lock-In:
Minimize the risk and time associated with changing vendors by avoiding potential performance issues, limited options, or unnecessary costs that may arise from reliance on a single cloud platform.

Risk Mitigation:
Lower your organization’s exposure to a single point of failure and minimize vulnerabilities to outages and downtime, enhancing overall system resilience.

Geographically Distributed Cloud Platform
Local Resilience | Global Reach

Reduce Latency
Deliver faster and more responsive services by selecting the closest cloud region to your business.

Decrease Network Congestion
Queries can be routed to a server with a particular user’s information, rather than all requests having to go to a single machine that can be overloaded.

Risk of Data Loss
Stronger resilience to system failure through High Availability across all layers.

Data Sovereignty
Ensure compliance with data sovereignty regulations since data can be kept in country.

Data Centers Regions KSA
Fully Compliant and Certified Platform
Tap into KSA Booming Market by Migrating Applications and Workload

Expanded Market Reach
By migrating their software to the KSA market with EdaratCloud Platform, ISV companies can tap into a new, rapidly growing market. This allows them to increase their customer base, enhance brand visibility, and boost revenue potential.

Optimized Performance and Security
EdaratCloud Platform provides robust infrastructure with high-performance capabilities and top-tier security measures. By leveraging these services, ISV companies can deliver seamless and secure experiences to their customers, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost-Effective Scaling
With EdaratCloud’s clear and flexible pay model, ISV companies can scale their operations according to demand. This eliminates the need for significant upfront investment in IT infrastructure, allowing companies to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on core business functions.

Apps Migration KSA