Workload Migration

Migrating Data Centers Effectively & Globally

Data Center Migration is no longer a complicated process because our expert and highly certified team have extensive experience in planning data center relocation projects ensuring a near-zero disruption using our proven methodology.

As companies grow, they eventually reach a point where their existing data solutions can no longer accommodate their needs. Whether it is increasing capacity to launch a new application or gain access to a broader range of connectivity options.

The decision to migrate can be a combination of multiple factors such as IT cost reduction, regulatory requirement, business service risk, and current data center incapable of hosting modern and dense IT infrastructure.

Among the biggest risks organizations face when transitioning their data centers is migrating their IT systems and applications. A data center migration is a highly strategic project that must be executed without impacting business operations, performance, availability and data protection requirements.

Given the dynamic operational environment in which today’s data centers operate, wherein applications and data in a production environment is changing consistently and is being replicated to a remote DR facility, it becomes even more important to look at all the facets of the IT environment and carefully carve the data center migration strategy. Every environment has its own challenges and one migration strategy does not fit every client environment.

The bottom line consideration for a good migration strategy is near zero disruption of business services. The level of effort for such due diligence is based on the current data center application and infrastructure portfolio, tolerance to unavailability of applications and services as well as time and budget constraints.

What to expect post-migration?
  • Scale-up and grow efficiently
  • Support more business demands
  • Capitalize on more opportunities
  • Transform your company into a digital enterprise
  • Enhance customer relations
  • Improve your margins