Database as a Service (DBaaS) offers greater flexibility and agility in development and allows companies to leverage the latest technologies with minimal risk. Edarat Cloud DBaaS on Microsoft Azure can transform your business with solutions that help reduce the cost and complexity of managing databases on-premises.

Migrate & modernize your data estate

When it comes to database management, companies have traditionally had to invest in expensive hardware and software to maintain their database infrastructure. However, with Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offerings, companies can avoid the upfront costs of hardware and software to manage their databases.

Organizations typically consider DBaaS during application modernization initiatives in which harnessing cloud capabilities is integral to the IT strategy. That’s why Edarat’s DBaaS offerings are designed with the business in mind, offering flexibility, security, low maintenance, business continuity, and scalability.


Low Initial Investment:

One of the major advantages of DBaaS is the low initial investment required by companies. Traditional on-premises database management can be a costly undertaking, with substantial expenses for hardware, software, and maintenance. In contrast, with DBaaS, businesses can leverage the resources of a cloud provider and eliminate the need for investing in hardware, infrastructure, and maintenance. 

Transparent Cost Model:

Edarat’s clear pricing with no additional or unforeseen costs is an important consideration for determining the total cost of ownership (TCO) and being able to accurately budget for services, which helps organizations to avoid unexpected charges that can negatively impact their financials.


Edarat DBaaS solutions offer high security with features like encryption and built-in backup and recovery that ensure business continuity during a disaster and assure availability by taking preventive steps against outages and possible software/hardware failure. 


Edarat Azure stack DBaaS offers the ability to dynamically scale your databases. Scalability is one of the most important characteristics of DbaaS that enables your company’s IT demand to dynamically add more resources to your services when needed.

In Conclusion

Overall, Edarat DBaaS on Azure is an excellent solution for companies looking to focus on their core business and reduce their IT workload and is flexible and secure, requires low maintenance, supports business continuity, and provides scalability to meet varying business requirements.